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FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 Tickets Price, Online Booking & Phases

FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 is one of the greatest football occasion that will commence on 14th June to 15th July 2018 here is the step by step process how to book FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 Tickets.

The 2017-18 period of FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 will be trailed by the best event in football, which will be encouraged by Russia next summer. Capability for the opposition is relatively whole, with the draw for the get-together stage set to happen on Friday, December 1 in Moscow.

Additionally, once the establishments are mapped up, the surge will be on finished the globe to purchase tickets for matches on world football’s most magnificent stage.


On the off chance that you’re needing to go to Russia to see your country, all things considered, upcoming June and July, Goal’s guide has all that you need to consider FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 ticket deals and will be revived with the latest information as it is released.

FIFA World Cup tickets 2018 will be sold through FIFA.com’s ticketing organization (the official site of FIFA) and the deals began on September 14, 2017.

FIFA revealed that tickets would go at a deal in two phases, which are then confined to two stages.

The primary period of stage one continued running from September 14 to October 12. In the midst of this stage, all hopefuls had a comparable shot of getting tickets through an unpredictable decision draw, with notice to make by November 16. Presently, clearly, fans will apply to certain matches and settings without knowing which groups will play.

The second period of stage one begins on November 16 and completes up on November 28. In the midst of this period, a first-come, first-serve methodology applies for whatever is left of the designation of tickets being sold in this window.

Stage two will be part of a comparative way however fans will know now which groups they are applying to see.

An unpredictable decision draw begins on December 5, not long after the World Cup draw is made, and continues running until January 31.

The second period of stage two is open from March 13 and terminations on April 3, with tickets, before long, being designated on a first-come, first-serve commence.

There will similarly be late deals arrange, which will continue running from April 18 to July 15 – the day of the World Cup last.

FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 Tickets Prices

FIFA has a part up ticket costs for the World Cup into four special arrangements.

Arrangements one, two and three will be open to fans over the world through the online ticket deals.

Characterization four is held for Russian inhabitants and will contain no under 350,000 tickets to be sold to neighborhood fans.

These tickets will cost less: for examination, the minimum costly order four tickets are assessed at around £17, appeared differently in relation to £80 for the slightest costly from the other three characterizations.

Ticket prices for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia by category and match (in U.S. dollars)*

Cat 1 Cat 2 Cat 3 Cat 4*
Opening match (1) 550 390 220 50
Group matches (2 to 48) 210 165 105 20
Round of 16 (49 to 56) 245 185 115 35
Quarter-finals (57 to 60) 365 255 175 60
Semi-finals (61 to 62) 750 480 285 70
3rd/4th place match (63) 365 255 175 60
Final (64) 1,100 710 455 110

Ticket costs in U.S. dollars (and Russian rubles for grouping four) have appeared in the reasons above.

The table underneath demonstrates the esteem change from U.S. dollars to British pounds as of November 2017.

How to Apply For FIFA World Cup Tickets

  1.  Visit to FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 ticketing website at www.FIFA.com/tickets
  2.   Register an account by providing your personal details
  3.  Apply for tickets by clicking on “Apply for tickets” button.

All Tickets Applicants will get a confirmation message by e-mail from the FIFA World Cup Ticketing Centre (FWCTC).

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