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We have a large cricket fan following across the globe, through which we happen to be a favorite choice of those who have an overwhelming love for cricket. To craft stories about cricket, which is among top five most loved sports formats, we have a dedicated team that brings to you end-to-end coverage of every minute in the world of cricket. Our columnists not only hold a vast expertise in sports content collaboration but are also achievers in multiple sports categories.

It has been the long-term deliverance of sports-based news and updates by Livecricketworldcup. With us, you will be aware of every action on the field and off-field. The thrill of the sport is well explained and conveyed along with detailed timely statistics. The number of existing similar news providers is large, but again when it comes to serving the users with seconds and minutes of cricket, we hardly find any. This gap and lack of direct source was analyzed by us and this is where it landed us. Cricket has turned out to be more than just a game presently and we are here to uncover the other side of this gaming format. Our followers are our only target audience to make them fulfill their urge of cricket and live the madness of it.