Pakistan Prime Minister Calls On Mani Ensuring International Cricket Comes Back To Pakistan

Imran Khan, Prime Minister, Pakistan, reportedly has nominated Ehsan Mani for the Chairman position of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). The Pakistan Prime Minister proclaimed he expects that Mani will bring Pakistan’s cricket grounds back to life by utilizing his skills and energies.

According to sources, the ex-International Cricket Council (ICC) President has assured Khan that he will put his greatest efforts. He proclaimed that he will perform as per the aspiration and guidance by Pakistan’s Prime Minister after his selection to the highest position of the national-level cricket board.

Khan asked Mani to prove to the world that situations have changed and now Pakistan is a secure country for the international cricket teams to play. Mani explained to Khan that he was contacting with other associates of the governing board of PCB. He is hopeful that all board members would be supporting him in the process of election.

Khan expects that under Mani’s leadership, the PCB would be taking all the decisions on the basis of merit. On Monday, after the resignation from Najam Sethi, Chairman, PCB, Khan had presented the nomination of past ICC head Mani as the board’s latest chairman.

On a similar note, earlier past week, Nasir Jamshed, former Test opener, came into the news as the PCB decided to ban the player for the period of 10 Years. Jamshed was banned on the account of numerous charges of spot-fixing. He had to undergo a 16-Month investigation process into an extensive scandal that put the Pakistan Super League in shock.

Taffazul Rizvi, legal adviser, PCB, posted on Twitter that PCB’s latest decision against Jamshed closes up the earlier match-fixing story. He added that the committee has decided to ban the player for the period of 10 Years against numerous charges on him.