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It’s Now High Time For India To Make The Best Of It In England

The Indians landed with great confidence and identity in England, apparently with a good side, the world’s No. 1 test team and more. But then the game proved that things can change drastically in such a short period, for example, the last two test games.

Expectations were already so high before India arrived in England that defeat of test matches gave a rise to so many questions and doubts that have been lingering around the Indian squads in the past.

Of course, victory and defeat are two critical factors in the game of cricket, especially in test format, where the strategy needs to be applied for continuous five days. In the first test of the series, Indians were really close to winning and it was a golden opportunity to win the first test of a crucial series. Later, they lost their momentum in the second game along with confidence levels as well.

In fact, the Indians did give themselves enough time to prepare for a tour as difficult as before and also did not consider accepting foreign aid. An English batsman who played a lot of cricket to be part of the team would have been valuable during a long tour like this where the batsman is looking for answers. Why not, I wonder, Acceptance can be the very first step ahead.

It is difficult to overcome technical flaws in the middle of the series, but it is important to stay positive and believe that one of the best is able to reach the highest level.

Contrary to popular belief, the points must be scored at the front in England, where players struggle to mount the ball. India with all its capabilities will have to make a comeback in the 3rd game to keep the series in hand.

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