Indian Team Signed Bat Was Presented To Imran Khan At SA Tour In Last Year

Indian Team Signed Bat Was Presented To Imran Khan At SA Tour In Last Year

A cricket bat, which was previously signed by the Indian cricket team during their South African tour, was presented to Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan by the Indian High Commissioner in Islamabad, Ajay Bisaria. Khan took oath as a 22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan on Saturday.

Sources stated that once the selection plan in Pakistan was announced, including the formation of the government, in May, the High Commission opened lines of communication with all major political parties there. As part of the preparation of these meetings, Bisaria asked his friend Rahul Johri, the CEO of BCCI, to present three bats, signed by Indian cricket team.

Johri sent the bats to Bisaria that were signed by Indian team during their South African tour, which was played between the ends of December last year to February of this year.

While Khan was engaged in the election campaign, Bisaria and Khan met at the Iftar party, where the Indian high commissioner sat next to the former Pakistan cricketer.

Sources said, Bisaria asked Khan for a meeting and told about the cricket bat. Khan accepted the meeting easily, but the two parties could not meet until August 10.

Diplomatic viewpoint from India to the Pakistani government with a cricket bat signed by the Indian team fetched the attention of the world as a new diplomatic gesture.

According to sources, most of the talks between Bisaria and Khan were focused on cricket during the 30-minute meeting. Other issues, such as Kashmir and terrorism, were also discussed.

The other two bats are still with the Indian High Commission in Islamabad, sources mentioned.

They would be probably offered to dignitaries of Pakistan, but Indian officials are yet quiet about to whom the bats will be presented.